Saturday, 5 May 2007

champagne on Ice !!!

Following an extremely poor performance in Milan on Wednesday, it's now time for United to bounce back. What better venue than city of manchester stadium.

I must admit that it's with a sense of nervousness that i look at saturdays game. On several occassions during this season United has one time after the other demonstrated an impressive top level. Playing at their best they're invincible - best team in the world - no doubt.

On wednesday they showed the other side of the medal - a very poor level. I could't grasp their performance on wednesday. I was left speechless....How could they put in such a poor performance in such a vital game???

I guess it's all down to tactics. During the 90'es United was playing the same way regardless of venue. Home or way didn't make a lot of difference. They were chasing the ball all over the pitch, in an effort to score goals.

This approach has changed, especially when playing in Europe. These past seasons they have been way to "laid back" when playing away from Old trafford - letting the opposition control the game. This approach has not worked once, and yet they still chosse to play this way on wednesday. The result speaks for itself !!!! So does this

So how will the approach be on saturday. Will they pull back and let the likes of O'shea and Heinze bring the ball forward??? Or push the game to the oppositions half in pursuit of goals??

I hope for the latter but only time will tell

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